The next generation eLearning application.

To do training in a highly secured cloud based realistic environment
created using Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

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Welcome to VRinTraining

We create highly realistic, interactive & bespoke training applications with the help of new technologies like VR and AI.

Online cloud based.

All our applications are cloud based, .

One application for all training.

Our application securly allows the user to login, Choose, customise the available training. After completion quiz will the available after completiogand generate training report, once trainee completes the training.

Cross platform support.

Our training software applications can run on Mobile, PC and Standalone VR headsets.

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We create Emergency and Health & Safety training applications in VR.

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Why VRinTraining ?

Next generation eLearning.

With the help of AI and VR, we create highly realistic interactive training scenerios .

Highly customisable.

All training scenerios can be customised by the trainee.

Support for disabled users.

Our training application supports the user who is having difficulties in reading the text.

Our work

Dynamic Risk assessment training for Cork City Fire Brigade.

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